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Feminist academic advocating for male rape victims to pay child support to their rapists

August 16, 2011

Bloggerclarissa write here.

“Child support, however, is not about either parent or the process of how they ended up being parents. It’s about ensuring that a child – a separate human being who never asked to be brought into this world and who in no way influenced the circumstances of his or her conception – has adequate means of support. It is the role of the justice system to defend the person who is the weakest and who cannot even speak for him or herself, namely, the child. A justice system that prefers to deprive a child from adequate means of existence in order to avoid being unfair towards an adult is no justice system at all.

The fact that a person was created during the commission of a crime in no way reduces that person’s need for food, clothing, medical care, and education. Imagine baby Anna and baby Jessica. Anna is a product of a passionate loving consensual sex act. Jessica is the product of rape (whether by a man or by a woman). Is Jessica going to eat less? Will she be less deserving of visiting a dentist? Should she have fewer toys than Anna? Can anybody reasonably argue that one of these kids should be punished because she has a criminal for a parent?

People seem to think way too often that child support is money that is given to the other parent instead of to the child. This way of thinking comes from their inability to see a child as a separate human being with rights of his or her own. What everybody needs to remember is that the moment a child comes out of a woman’s body and takes his or her first breath, s/he stops being a woman’s body part and becomes a person.”

Clarissa gives not one thought to a mans consent to fatherhood. Attitudes like Clarissa’s are the reason that we have “Jerry Springer” culture and women having children with tricked, unwilling, unsuitable, unknown and in this case raped men, female rapists should know from the get go that they won’t be able to financially enslave and trigger their victim for 18 years because guess what? They would be much more likely to use B/C or have an abortion.

Clarissa, if you visit perhaps you could provide a source for this claim so that we can measure it against the sources that say otherwise. -“As a woman, I am routinely underpaid and discriminated in the workplace. In this country, women in all professions are paid less than men for performing the same work”?

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