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Use of language to promote misandric fallacies on feminist blog “No seriously what about teh menz”

August 17, 2011

A contributor to NSWATM calling themselves Hershele Ostropoler has published a standard feminist fallacy in a post that deals with some of the “all or nothing” reasoning that is common among feminists eg. person says “false accusations are common” and a feminist hears or pretends to hear “all rape complaints are false”. While I think the premise is useful, they seed the post with ideological claims that exaggerate female victim-hood, other male victims, hide female abusers and demonize men as somehow being more prone to abusing women, than women are men.

They alleged that MOST victims are female, men CAN be victims and MANY abusers are male (they opted to avoid a blatant MOST in this case) .  There isn’t any credible research that backs these ideological claims up, genuine, non advocacy domestic violence research overwhelmingly shows gender symmetry [1] and when envelopment by the female is inculded as a rape definition the available research again, shows gender symmetry [2].

Ironically Hershele Ostropoler says that feminism is not misandry in the same post, sorry Hershele, your brand of feminism is misandry.

I politely pointed this out in the comments section of the blog and was promptly censored.



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