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Socialist Worker Canada promotes false accusation about rape against men’s rights advocate Dr. Warren Farrell.


Usual lies and slander from the feminist sector here.

A question asked of Arthur Goldwag on his site

Why would you castigate Paul Elam as misogynist based on little to no evidence bar quoting out of context by David Futrelle, while at the same time supporting and accepting money from people that are far more misandrist, than Paul can be demonstrated to be misogynist?

People like this

“Females don’t have to kill baby boys. Just not nurture them. Females are forced to birth baby boys, but beyond that a female’s physical actions are her own.
Males will die without the constant infusion of female energy that they get from our wombs and from our lives. They are perfectly welcome to take the male infants from the hands of the midwife, and what they do with it from that point is their decision.
Females need to not be emotionally and intellectually invested in a male future.”

“Even if we killed off 90% of men, the majority of women left over would do their best to keep the oppressive system. I’d dare say we’d have to kill off all the women too and leave the little girls and radfems to create the utopia.”

Link here 

More deliberate, VAWA funded abuse denial and misandry have published an info. sheet about the offensive and inaccurate ad campaign.

These feminist “PSA’s” need to be classified as exactly what they are, hate propaganda in the same vein as progressive era black brute propaganda. Were they really interested in stopping child abuse, they would be drawing attention the fact that most of it committed by women, instead of using child abuse as a proxy and a pretext to access funding and to preach their hateful, ideological lies about men and reality.

Male feminist Hugo Schwyzer in rape cover-up on The Good Men Project, again.

Article here. See the comments section, particularly a poster called Tamen for the debunking of the lies told by both Hugo and the report itself.

Toy Soldiers weighs in here.

Male feminist Ben Fenton is simultaneously attacking advocacy for the falsely accused and the credibility of genuine rape and abuse victims

Yes I’m putting a second post up about this idiot because of the seriousness of what he is doing.  He is attacking the legitimacy of advocacy for the falsely accused, by making false accusations relating to rape and abuse against FRA and the men’s movement in general. Of course by doing this he is promoting false accusation culture and damaging the credibility of genuine victims by blatantly and repetitively making false accusations  about rape and abuse to libel and damage his perceived opponents.  This behaviour is apparantly so normal to him, that he doesn’t see that what he is doing,  is attacking and damaging the credibility of two groups of legitimate victims.

And all for a feminist cookie or two.

A male feminist blogger called Ben Fenton has published multiple false accusations relating to rape and abuse

Ben’s odd in the extreme blog post is here.

Looks like a case of attention seeking …

Hacker group Anonymous to out members of Swedish SCUM network

Anonymous announced that  it will be dismantling SCUM Swedens behind the scenes network and outing it’s members.

Although the Swedish goverments Might Agree To The advocation of dismembering and killing of people, we do not.Therefore Anonymous Sweden Will actively find all SCUM members and supporters That actively support torture of humans. We will close you down and lay your network open with your emails as we did with Mossad or the Muslim Brotherhood.We Will persuades you as We Will persuades any hateful organization be it racist, sexist, pedophilia, etc.

SCUM expect us.

Anonymous’ youtube message to SCUM Sweden here

Male feminist Micheal Flood allegedly, while posing as a member of a fathers rights group – sent offensive emails to politicians from the university which employs him.

This is the level of the feminist counter-argument, they just don’t have one.

“Editor: I just want to preface this excellent article with our own experience with Michael Flood. He has on a previous occasion mis-represented himself as a separated father in order to unethically and fraudulently gain access to our resources that we had struggled to make available for the benefit of distressed fathers.
He then proceeded to misuse these facilities and send out offensive letters in the name of Fathers4Equality to every member of the Australian federal parliament, in an effort to discredit and undermine our efforts and reputation.
We conclusively tracked down this misuse of our facilities to Michael Flood, at his campus office at James Cook University. We then contacted him and confronted him with this misuse of such important resources for separated and distressed fathers.
He initially denied and refuted his involvement in these bizarre actions, but in the face of overwhelming evidence he finally accepted that it was his actions, and his alone, and he apologized for these unethical acts.
It actually beggars belief that this man is supposed to be an impartial professional researcher in this very important field of gender equality, and yet he has behaved in a way more akin to a professional fraudster.
It goes without saying that anything you hear or read from Michael Flood should be seriously questioned, if his history of deception and fraud is anything to go by.”

Almost unbelievable.

What are the bets that the emails to the politicians involved falsely painting the Father Right’s group as abusers?

More activism in Sweden. Swedish feminist provides the details and thanks A Voice for Men.

Quote from AVfM


“I’m new to this blog and found my way here through media related to SCUM. I grew up in a society where women have not had the same opportunities as men and are not respected as authority figures, etc. For such reasons, I consider myself a feminist, meaning that I believe women are equally human and deserving of the same respect and opportunities, etc. which men are given by society. I believe that all humans should have opportunities and earn respect through their actions. As a woman, I do not hold myself below men, nor above men. I find it repulsive that individuals who advocate SCUM in anyway consider themselves feminists. I am both disgusted and saddened by the hate advocated by this group, and I am angered that they are being supported and promoted by the state.

I came across one comment on a Swedish site that said SCUM is performing in the school system for children, and at such performances, “The girls and guys are segregated. While the girls sit on satin cushions with gold tassels and are given a constant serving of sweets and fruit, the boys are seated in the worst area and forced to sit on hard wooden chairs. This is because they are to feel guilty and even in prison for man’s crimes against humanity in the form of wars, violence, torture, money system, imagination, and biological inferiority.”

So this is part of the Swedish school system?! Now, please also understand that Sweden just recently outlawed home schooling. To my understanding, the only other Western nation to have done this was Nazi Germany! Please also note that the Swedish state can remove children from their home at any whim – no proof of abuse needed! The Swedish state knows no bounds and children are taken from their parents without evidence of abuse and held in state custody for months and years. This law is abused, and there are horror stories. Anyone who goes against the state risks having their children stolen from them.

Please also note that SCUM is being funded by Swedish tax payers. Tax payers may not like it, but the state could care less what the average Sven thinks. Big “Sister” knows best! If you would like to write to some of the monster politicians who are using tax payer funds to promote abuse, violence, murder, etc., please write to the Swedish Art Council and the County of Stockholm, whose representatives have approved funding for this hate speech: and

There are also laws in Sweden to protect “folk groups” from hate. If women are a protected folk group, then men should be as well. For this, please write to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO,, English option available)

You might also consider writing to the Swedish Ombudsmen for Justice (JO). Anyone from anywhere in the world can write to this official. The complaint will be recorded and be accessible to view by the public. The JO is required to consider and respond to each complaint and state what type of action is needed, if action is deemed necessary.

Please use your voices if you are serious about this issue! Contact information and further English info availabe here: and

Thank you “a voice for men” for bringing attention to this issue! Those of us in Sweden, especially welcome your help!”


Manboobz feminists minimize feminist hate propaganda

Feminists on Manboobz are minimizing a film clip that promotes a state funded stage production of Valery Solans’ Society for Cutting Up Men that’s being shown to school children by comparing it to taste jokes on reddit. The clip shown an execution of a man in the name of feminism, followed by an ecstatic celebration of the murder and the message “do your part”.

And in true feminist fashion, on Manboobz they are manufacturing false accusations relating to violence against the men’s movement.