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Feminist Melissa McEwan of Shakesville routinely publishes hate speech and unsupportable statements of misandry. Lets debunk one of them.

July 28, 2011

Catalogue –  here it is  – “Rapists are not merely men with heightened libidos; they are men who seek to possess and control, and sex is the weapon they wield—not the ends, but the means. To think that rapists all rape for one universal reason is to think that murderers all murder for a single reason, and to think that rapists all rape because of sexual attraction is to think that murderers who use guns all murder because they like the smell of gun powder.” – Melissa McEwan.

Lets fact check Melissa McEwan’s beliefs against the available research – Melissa seems to be saying that rapists are exclusively men indicating she is involved in the more toxic end of the feminist belief system.  The reality is that when men and women are both asked about their experience of sexual coercion with each other, including envelopment by the female as the largest study of its kind has – the results show gender symmetry in perpetration and victimization[1].

Forced sex:              almost 3.0%             2.3%
-forced oral/anal sex:          2.4%             1.6%
-forced vaginal sex:            2.1%             1.6%

Verbal Coercion:               22.0%     almost 25.0%
- insisted on sex w/o condom   13.5%            11.0%
- insisted on vaginal sex      11.7%            14.7%
- insisted on oral/anal sex     7.5%             8.3%
- threatend into oral/anal sex  1.9%             1.7%
- threatend into vaginal sex    1.9%             1.8%

At least one type of CSA       30.0%            32.0%
---------------------------------------------------- [2]
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