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Another misleading claim by RAINN.

July 27, 2011

Catalogue – Taken from a conversation between a RAINN representive called Katherine and Ozymandias42 on the male feminist blog “No seriously, what about teh menz”.

Katherine of RIANN responds to an inquiry as to why RAINN uses NVAWS figures that exclude most female in male rape.

“Also, the study used the same methodology for both men and women”.

Catalogue – No it does not use the same methodology for both men and women and questions about female on male rape are not asked in the NVAWS.

Here is Murray Strauss talking about domestic violence, the feminist version of the Conflict Tactics Scale and deliberate bias in NVAWS.

“That same procedure was carried over into the National Institute of Justice National Violence Against Women study.  They asked what they call a ‘feminist version’ of the Conflict Tactics Scale, that asks only about victimization and leaves out the questions about perpetration.  And of course if you do that, you will have to find that only men are violent.

“It was only after much pressure from people like myself that they then added a second sample, of men, to find this out.  As a result of this, even though this study is biased in a number of ways, some of them unintentional, some of them intentional, they found that 40% of the past year assaults were perpetrated by women.  This is a national sample of 16,000, so it’s huge and very dependable.”  Source

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  1. tasha415 permalink

    This really pisses me off. If you’re actually a social scientist, it’s morally corrupt to pander to any specific group and skew your results to favor that groups ideology. Now, because RAINN has done this, I have to doubt their authenticity when they report on other studies….

    If you’re using gender as a division line, in order to get reliable, unbiased data, you MUST include responses from BOTH genders – this should not be a difficult concept to grasp.

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