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Hugo Schwyzer lies on The Good Men Project to obscure female perpetrated child sex abuse

November 22, 2011

On The Good Men Project Jacob Taylor has challenged Schwyzer’s unsourced, sweeping claim that ““Because women are much less likely to sexually abuse teens than are men,  those rare cases that do feature female defendants tend to attract lots of media attention—particularly when the woman involved is relatively young and conventionally attractive.” by publishing stats relating to female on child sex abuse in cornological order to demonstrate the fact that as we gather more information about this crime the old myths and notions about this crime being gendered are being destroyed.

  • In 1994, David Finkelhor published a paper reporting that women commit 20 percent of the sexual abuse against boys.
  • In 1996, the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect found that women committed 25 percent of sexual abuse against children.
  • Both the 2000 American Association of University Women study and the Cameron study showed that about 42 percent of students reported abuse by women.
  • The 2005 Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Gender of Victim study found that women committed 38 percent of the abuse against boys.
  • According to a 2008 University of British Columbia study of homeless youths, nearly half the youths said at least one woman sexually exploited them, and 1 in 3 said that only women exploited them.
  • The 2008-09 Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth report found that of the staff members who sexually abused juveniles, women committing 95 percent of that abuse.
  • In 2009, ChildLine received 2,142 calls from children abused by women, and found that boys reported more abuse by women (1,722 cases) than by men (1,651 cases).

Of course in predictable fashion Hugo arrives in the comments section and misrepresents Jacob and cites stats that are known to exclude female on male rape by envolopmet.

“It is true that men are victimized by women. But to conflate physical abuse statistics with sexual abuse statistics is disingenuous at best, which is what Jacob does here with the stats from Childline.

Women rape boys, and it is awful. It is also comparatively rare. And though we can presume some degree of underreporting from boys, that underreporting cannot be quantified. What can be quantified makes it clear that the overwhelming percentage of sexual predators are men, and the overwhelming percentage of victims are women. Check out the most respected organization in America, RAINN, and their stats:

Jacob responds to Hugo’s dishonesty here

Where are the feminists that aren’t like that?

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