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Feminist blogger that promotes the idea that women should be afraid of men makes a false accusation

November 22, 2011

Holly Pervocracy is a feminist blogger who says that all women should fear all men. When talking about rape figures, Holly likes to quote stats from RAINN – that exclude female on male rape by envelopment.  This is how feminists are taught to perceive and depict rape as a gendered problem and promote the idea that women should fear men – by only telling half of the story. Of course these followers for the most part either don’t know they are promoting hate and fear, or they do and do it under the guise of “creating awareness” for the common good. Which is Holly?

Today on a  typically misandrist and hypocritical Manbooz entry, Holly Pervocracy manufactured a threat of being stalked  against her.  These strong independent gender binary challenging feminists will use misandrist tropes and the patriarchal archetype of the evil man and damsel in distress whenever it suits. And they say that false accusations are not common.

Where are the feminists that aren’t like that?

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  1. Dude, you need to learn to link to specific comments. What’s the “manufactured threat of being stalked” Holly made?

    • It was mentioned that Holly could potentially be listed as a bigot because she promotes misinformation about rape and abuse. She then twisted that claimed that it was a threat of stalking. That’s whole post is based around feminists making false accusations relating to stalking and violent intent against Register Her and the wide men’s movement. This is how most feminists chose to contribute to this debate, with slurs and false accusations relating to violence against women instead of arguing the actual issues. Its a standard in feminist culture.

  2. hearhear permalink

    «Where are the feminists that aren’t like that?»

    Here for example:

    One of very, very few places.

    • Hello there hearhear. I enjoy girlwriteswhat’s thoughts and analysis on gender very much. As far as I know, girlwriteswhat does not identify as a feminist though.

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