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S.A.V.E. launches C.A.M.P. program

August 23, 2011


The following is an announcement from S.A.V.E., the same organization you saw take such an active role in bringing media attention to the Vladek Filler rape persecution, among other issues vital to men and boys.  I wanted to include a few words about it myself because I think it represents a brilliant opportunity to further organize online efforts at activism and give us much more punch; an enhanced FTSU factor, if you will. First the announcement…

On July 11 Catherine Becker of California drugged her husband, lashed him to a bed, severed his penis, and threw it into a garbage disposal. Becker coolly explained to the responding officers, “He deserved it.”

  • Sharon Osburne of ABC’s The Talk made light of the assault. Osbourne described the incident as “hysterical” and boasted to her national audience, “It’s quite fabulous.”
  • Others callously blamed the victim. “When you cross a woman, all is fair,” remarked TV personality Wendy Williams.
  • The most common response of the national media, however, was to ignore the gruesome attack.

But what if the perpetrator had been a male and the victim a female — the reaction would have been totally different: Alarming newscasts, agonized editorials, campus marches, and stern demands for harsh criminal sanctions.

Relying on rapid media response using mainstream media, social media, radio, and other channels, the Countering Abuse Misinformation Project – CAMP – will work to bring an end to this pernicious double-standard.

SAVE is launching CAMP on Monday, August 22. SAVE will be inviting persons to make comments to online newspaper articles, write letters to the editor, and so forth. An orientation call will be held Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 9pm Eastern time. If you would like to participate in this history-making effort, contact Teri Stoddard at .

As likely the highest profile internet presence to initially participate in the CAMP program, AVfM will maintain close communication with the group from S.A.V.E..  When there is an offending article in the online media, or egregiously slanted coverage of events like the Becker case, AVfM will be immediately notified, as will an impressive network of other individuals willing to go in an infuse the truth into the comment sections of those articles and news stories.This is action in the spirit of KARMA, the one man army, and will effectively give us a cavalry of activists to help aggressively refute the lies and reshape some public opinion as a cooperative team. The alerts will also go out on all the Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts of CAMP participants. Indeed, immediately after posting this I will be sending it to the A Voice for Men Facebook Page.

We actually have the numbers to make CAMP effective right now, but we can even do better.  If you own a blog, no matter the size, please re-post CAMP announcements as they appear at AVfM.  If you are on Facebook, please re-post this article there and make a commitment to re-post all the alerts to come in the future. S.A.V.E. will be also be taking it up a significant notch with its increasing arsenal of mainstream contacts.


And you can play an absolutely vital part in it. When a story like Sharon Osborne making humor of the depraved sexual mutilation of a man gets sent out for a CAMP response, go to the target article and make your comment. You are the most qualified people in the world to set the record straight, and the more this happens the more it becomes difficult for the media to soft peddle or ignore reality.

I encourage all MRA’s to contact Teri Stoddard and request attendance for their training session. And if you can’t make it, just stay tuned in to AVfM and/or S.A.V.E..  I intend to walk like a KARMA MRA MGTOW on this one, folks.  As long as the good people at S.A.V.E. are going to dedicate this much effort to this kind of activism, we are going to put resources here into doing our part.

Article from A Voice for Men

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