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Ozymandias, self proclaimed instigator of the “Real” Men’s Movement confirms she is a misandrist bigot

August 18, 2011

Ozymandias is a teenaged girl who, apparently inspired by anti-mens rights propagandist David Futrelle’s lies about the men’s movement (that’s its defined by a minority of its least nuanced and most absurd commentators and that misogyny in the mrm is reprehensible while equivalent and more widespread misandry in the feminist movement is not),  proclaimed, “I kind of want to start my own movement now, except that I’m allergic to leading things and having responsibility, and also I kind of think a dude has to lead the Real MRAs Movement. Because, goddammit, we need one”.

I’m of the belief that most feminists hate men. Not consciously, not that they are aware of, but that the ideology that they are conditioned to believe in and promote is inherently misandrist. This is how feminists can proclaim in good faith that they do not hate men, while their words and actions prove otherwise.

Ozymandias demonstrates this very clearly on her blog, “No seriously what about the menz”; a blog which was intended to be a step in the direction of her starting the “Real MRA’s Movement” in  gynocentric and misandrist-from-the-get-go article called “Schrodinger Rapist, Yes we have to talk about that again”.

As we often do, an MRA blogger and r/mensrights regular going by the name of  Girl Writes What has taken a quote from Ozymandia’s article and changed words describing to gender to words that describe to race, and the violent crime of rape to the violent crime of being assaulted.  We do this because misandry is so embedded in the mainstream culture that it slips under the radar of most people. Lets go ahead see what Ozymandias’s beliefs about men look like once applied to race:

“That Thug makes up only a tiny percentage of black people. However, he has poisoned the well for everyone else.

I think a lot of black people underestimate the fear most white people have around violent crime. For instance, I have lots of black friends. However, I would never associate with with a black person whom a friend, or a friend of a friend, didn’t vouch for, because they might assault, rob and murder me. On a rational level, I know the chance of me getting beaten up because I talked to a black person at the bus stop is about as likely as me getting hit by lightning. However, on the emotional level, my brain associates “being around black people I don’t know” with “getting assaulted.”

She goes on to clairfy what Ozymandias believes further..

“In other words, “Please understand that I’m bigoted against people like you, simply because of your biology and my own inability to judge people as individuals, understand that I have cause to be this way, and you’re just going to have to accept the fact that this is YOUR problem, not mine. I acknowledge that my fears are essentially groundless, since I know, as I stated in my first paragraph, that other groups of people commit crimes, and only a small percentage of people in your group commit crimes, but it is up to YOU to prove to ME that you are not a criminal before I will treat you as a human being worthy of interaction with me.”

Scratch the surface of your average feminist, even one that claims to be a “Real Mra” like Ozymandias, and you will find beliefs that are on a par with extreme racists and the extreme minority of commentators that her friend David Futrelle uses to slander and stereotype the men’s movement in its entirety.

Ozymandias has made another huge mistake in her reasoning – the reason for feminist women having a constant and irrational fear of rape is not the actions of men, its the rape culture propaganda and bigotry that feminists like Ozymandias and co. incessantly promote.

If you enjoy seeing feminists getting their asses handed to them in public, I recommend reading the comments section beneath Ozymandias’s Schrodinger Rapist article on “No Seriously What About The Menz”, also take note of the shamless bigotry of the feminist commentators, who no doubt also believe that they don’t hate men.

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  1. Ozymandias is completely closed minded as is Futrelle. I have been on manboobz and been moderated and deleted as is Ozymandias’ blog. Complete nonsense. You cannot win. You go on either manboobz or NSWATM and you post as an MRA and you get deleted.
    Futrelle also uses the most extreme MRA opinions. No middle ground. He also deletes comments that he disagrees with

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