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Male feminist David Futrelle gives his tacit approval of corrective rape of an MRA by a “slutwalker” and Feministe’s Jill Filipovic advocates sexual coercion of men within days of each other

August 10, 2011

David Futrelle has published a  tabloid style report on questionable commentary by some men’s rights activists in the comments section below an article by Jack Donavan called “Portland Slutwalkers Reveal Themselves (Even More)“.

David Futrelle plucks four quotes from 80+ strong comments section that range from problematic to straight up idiotic. Yet on his way to find them he must have seen a slutwalker called Elijah Daniel Raven being quoted talking about the corrective rape of Jack Donavan – “Im liking your page so that I can tell you to suck my tranny cock, and shuve it down your jerk face asshole. kisses. hope you like the taste of my meat”, and a female slutwalker called Sophis St. James praising him for it at the beginning of Jack Donavans article.

Commentary on Jill Filipovic‘s advocacy for sexual coercion of men in her article on blogs Toy Soldiers and Sophiastry here, and here.

  1. Uh, no, I don’t approve of “corrective rape,” “tacitly” or otherwise.

    Your blog lives up to its name.

    • I wonder how you can support that David, given that you labelled the commentary from The Spearhead comments section “bad” while ignoring an explicit reference to oral rape of Jack Donavan by a slutwalker. I see that same pattern – misogny bad, misandry no comment as consistent throughout your anti men’s rights propagandizing.

      Thanks for your input on the blog name, I am actually considering ACatalogueofLiars instead.

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